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When Vicki Radebaugh first came to CPO, she was in the same wheelchair she had occupied for six months. “My doctors told me I’d probably be there forever,” said Vicki. She suffered from a hereditary foot condition that caused the bones in her feet to slowly deteriorate. “I had unknowingly broken my foot but continued …

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David Parker

David Parker wears a prosthetic below the knee on his left leg, and an Ankle Foot Orthosis (AFO) on his right leg. According to David, before coming to CPO, he wore an orthosis on the left leg that had been altered for a better fit, causing it to rub against his skin. Since David suffers …

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Nancy suffers from drop foot, and had polio as a child. Growing up, she wore a brace below the knee. As she got older, she used a cane. When she fell and broke her hip, she never thought she’d walk again. Over the years, she wore a number of devices, which never seemed to be …

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