Why Choose CPO?

  • Patient-Centered Care
  • Unmatched Clinical and technical Expertise
  • In-house Custom Fabrication
  • Accept Most Insurance Plans
  • Directly work with Referring Physicians/Professionals

How to refer patient to CPO?

  • Send a prescription to CPO local Clinic with diagnosis codes and supporting notes
  • Our staff contacts the patient to schedule a consultation or an evaluation appointment
  • CPO Clinicians evaluate the patient in-clinic or on virtual appointment and obtain the insurance authorization and approval
  • Once the device is fabricated, the fitting appointment is scheduled
  • Your patient is scheduled for a follow-up visit and we report the outcomes back to the referring physician / professional

Please clearly mention the following in the documents:

    • ICD-10 codes AND descriptor narratives. It is imperative to provide an accurate ICD-10 code on all prescriptions and medical record notes for compliance and payer requirements.
    • Direct connection between diagnosis, underlying cause and resultant condition. For example:
      • Trauma: Partial or complete traumatic amputation from car accident
      • Disease: Amputation secondary to gangrene from diabetic wound
      • Congenital: Congenital condition from a missing limb at birth
    • Cause, condition, Rx and notes that all consistently support the codes you select.

    If you need immediate assistance, please call the nearest CPO Clinic or write to us at marketing@cpousa.com and we will assist you at the earliest.

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