Upper Extremity Orthotics

Upper Extremity Orthotics Types & Features

Shoulder Abduction Orthoses

Shoulder abduction orthoses are used for rotator cuff repairs, shoulder capsule injury, glenohumeral dislocation and/or subluxation, soft tissue injury and/or repair, and also for clavicle fractures. At CPO, our professional orthotists evaluate your needs and accordingly custom-fit you with a shoulder abduction orthosis. You could be fitted with an abduction sling, a clavicle strap, or an elastic shoulder immobilizer. Whatever it may be, you can rest assured that our orthotists will take care of your shoulder injury so that it heals properly and restores your health.

Fracture Bracing

Fracture braces are used for mid ulnar or radial fractures, wrist and hand fractures, distal humeral fractures, proximal radial and/or ulnar fractures, and post-operative or post-cast stabilization. They're a protective device worn to aid in healing and alignment of fractured arm bones. These are available in semi-rigid and rigid forms according to the need and the type of fracture. Our CPO orthotists can advise you on exactly which type of fracture brace you will need. We can fit you with an off-the-shelf brace or custom design one for you. We will make sure that your pain is minimized and maximum support is provided for you to heal.

Shoulder Stabiliser

Stabilizers limit movements that might cause recurrent dislocation of the shoulder. It may be made of canvas and neoprene or of more rigid plastic. You would need a shoulder stabilizer if you have a rotator cuff disorder, shoulder capsule injury, glenohumeral dislocation and/or subluxation, soft tissue injury and/or repair. It is also used for immobilization for mild sprains/strains, fracture management, shoulder injuries, and post-operative management. Immobilizers are typically a sling and soft wedge-shaped support combined to help with recovery after shoulder surgery or injury. Our CPO orthotist could tell you if you need an arm sling or an elastic shoulder immobilizer for your injury. These orthoses could be custom-made for you or we could also provide you with off-the-shelf pieces. We can help you get back your activities with the right orthosis.

Wrist Hand Orthoses

If you have carpal tunnel syndrome, tendonitis, wrist sprain/strain or post-fracture management, you would need a wrist hand orthosis. It is also used for wrist and hand contracture management. They are custom-molded and may be made of canvas, metal or plastic. It is ideal for positioning and stabilization of the hand and wrist joints. These orthoses could be used during rest or activities, depending on the injury you have suffered. Our competent orthotists at CPO can help fit you with the appropriate orthosis so that your injury heals well and you can return to your daily life without hindrances.

Resting Hand Splints

These kinds of orthoses are used to treat paralysis, contracture management, spasticity, and post-operative management as well as aid with carpal tunnel syndrome, tendonitis, wrist sprain/strain, and post-fracture management. Our orthotist at CPO might fit you with a Rest Wrist Hand splint, a Thumb Spica splint, or a Cock-up Wrist splint according to your injury and needs. We will evaluate your condition and then fit you with an orthosis that helps you heal and get back to daily activities. There are also several other upper limb orthoses options that our CPO orthotist could fit you with according to their expert opinion if you require them.

CPO's Upper Extremity Orthotic Services

  • Shoulder abduction orthosis
  • Fracture Bracing (Humeral, elbow, radial/ ulnar, wrist)
  • Range of Motion Elbow Orthosis
  • Airplane Splint
  • Shoulder Stabilizer
  • Humeral Fracture Orthosis
  • Tenodesis Splint
  • Wrist Hand Orthosis
  • Resting Hand splints etc.
  • & More

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