Compression Therapy

Compression Therapy
Types & Features

Upper Extremity Compression
Arm Sleeves, Gloves, Gauntlets

Lower Extremity Compression
Below Knee, Thigh High, Panty Hose, Maternity, Ulcer Care

Night Compression
Foam Chipped compression Garments Used to Maintain Lymphedema

Donning Devices
Rubber Mats, Gloves, Vinyl Devices, Metal Donners

Compression Wear & Compression Garments

Compression wear or compression garments are pieces of clothing (like sleeves, socks, stockings, etc.) that are worn by people who stand for long periods of time or have poor blood circulation. There are different types of compression garments. The ones with a higher degree of compression require a doctor’s prescription. Compression garments are also worn to treat deep vein thrombosis and reduce swelling in the limbs.

Additionally, compression garments are worn by people who play sports to minimize chafing, treat rashes, and quicken the recovery times of sprains and muscle tightening. At CPO, we provide complete compression care products. We evaluate your condition and provide you with the right compression garment that can assist you.

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