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Comprehensive Prosthetics & Orthotics (CPO) is among the largest orthotic and prosthetic service providers in the U.S. with a wide network of clinics across Illinois, Iowa, Indiana, and Missouri.

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Our excellent patient care is the main reason why amputees choose CPO to aid them in their quest to Restore Mobility and Quality of Life. We assist you in every way possible so you can return to all the things you left behind, be it a half-read novel, a racetrack, cooking classes, jam sessions with a band, gardening, or just about anything else you wish to do.

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Our Approach

With a focus on your needs, the team at Comprehensive Prosthetics & Orthotics is committed to providing each patient with the information, care, and tools they need to reach their goals. With an expansive team of certified and trained clinicians and technicians across the Midwest, CPO (Comprehensive Prosthetics & Orthotics) wants to make your quest to restore mobility and quality of life uncomplicated. At our clinics, we will support you every step of the way, tailoring each approach to the individual to ensure our plan of action will help you achieve your goals.   

Excellent patient care is one of the primary reasons amputees choose Comprehensive Prosthetics & Orthotics as they begin their journey to restore mobility and quality of life. At each of our locations, our team members will assist you through every step of the process to ensure you can get back to living life, your way. Our state-of-the-art technology will ensure your prosthetics and orthotics are tailored to your needs, maximizing your comfort and restoring your independence. 

At Comprehensive Prosthetics & Orthotics we treat each patient with care as unique as our patients. We tailor our approach to work with you, developing an integrated action plan to help you achieve your goals. 

With a team of certified and trained clinicians and technicians, Comprehensive Prosthetics & Orthotics is able to design and deliver specialized and customized solutions. In every way, we are committed to helping our patients reach their goals and improve their outcomes. 

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Contact us today and take the first step of your journey toward your goals. Our team is here to discuss your individual needs and goals and work together to develop a plan for you. Schedule a consultation with one of our certified prosthetists or orthotist at the CPO clinic nearest you. 

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