Custom Orthotics

Our orthotists not only provides great service and care but is also in touch with the latest technologies in orthotics. CPO is also a certified outfitter of the Walk-Aide, a device that utilizes electrical stimulation to assist with the functionality of the calf muscles to enable a patient to walk more naturally and comfortably. This device is used for a condition known as foot drop, which occurs when a condition or injury causes a disruption in the messages sent by the nerves to the leg muscles, causing the foot to drag while walking. Experts at CPO are here to help you heal, improve function, or manage your pain. Schedule a consultation with a certified prosthetist or orthotist in the nearest CPO clinic.

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Upper Extremity Orthotics

Upper limb orthotics deals with the fitting of orthoses to treat conditions in your shoulder, elbow, arm, hand, or wrist. It either provides support or immobilizes a part of your limb to help your condition. Our orthotists help people get custom fitted with orthoses to help with carpal tunnel or fractures, enhance tissue healing, or help with post-surgical recovery. Learn more about Upper Limb Orthotics and visit for a consultation.

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Lower Extremity Orthotics

Lower limb orthotics deals with the fitting of orthoses for conditions in your hip, leg, knees, ankles or feet (like foot drop), plantar fasciitis, sports injuries, fractures, muscle pains, and partial foot amputations. Our orthotists advise people and help them get the right orthoses to treat or prevent conditions.

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Neck + Spinal Orthotics

Neck and spinal orthotics deal with the orthoses used for cervical and spinal injuries. It either restricts motion or provides support to your spine to reduce pain and provide comfort. Our orthotists provide numerous braces that help with post-operative care, spinal curvature, spondylitis, and other disorders.

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Compression Therapy

Compression wear or compression garments are pieces of clothing (like sleeves, socks, stockings, etc.) that are worn by people who stand for long periods of time or have poor blood circulation. There are different types of compression garments. The ones with a higher degree of compression require a doctor’s prescription. Compression garments are also worn to treat deep vein thrombosis and reduce swelling in the limbs.

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