CPO has a comprehensive program for both pediatric orthotics and pediatric prosthetics. Our in-house experts are adept at treating pediatric patients and we provide a warm and safe place for a child to be in. We help children get back mobility and help them be active to the best of their ability. Our goal is to help children Our CPO experts evaluate your child’s needs and then fit them with only the best quality prosthesis and orthosis so that be active, and to let nothing hinder their pace.

Pediatric Orthotics

Pediatric orthoses are useful when your child has been diagnosed with conditions like cerebral palsy, hip dysplasia, over pronation, club feet or other congenital disorders and deformities. Pediatric orthoses help correct deformities, provide support to the child and helps him or her stand, walk, and play about like every other child. At CPO, we see to it that your child is comfortable with the orthosis. To know more about orthoses that can help your child, visit our Pediatric Orthotics page.

Pediatric Prosthetics

Pediatric prostheses are needed when your child has had a necessary amputation or is born with a congenital limb defect. Pediatric prostheses are usually fitted when a child is about 9-12 months. It helps them cope with the prostheses as a part of them. CPO provides complete care for your child from evaluation to prosthetic rehabilitation and counselling for the children. Our pediatric prosthetists have been dealing with children for several years and each one of them has formed a special bond with them. We encourage follow ups and are always available for consultation. To know more about the prostheses that can help your child, visit our Pediatric Prosthetics page. We are an established centre of excellence where your child’s needs always come first.

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