The CPO Pediatric methodology is all about communication with the patients and their loved ones. We partner with the patient's team of healthcare providers, setting appropriate treatment plans, and applying cutting edge technologies throughout each pediatric patient's therapy. Making sure the child receives the best care today and all their tomorrows.

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Pediatric Prosthetics

Prosthetics for children are very different than prosthetics for adults. Although the technology and the principle remain the same, children handle their prosthetics in their own way.

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Pediatric Orthotics

Children are not like adults in their lifestyle choices and mannerisms. As a result, their orthoses are different too. At CPO, we understand children’s unique needs and fit them with easy-to-use and effective pediatric orthotics that do not hinder their daily activities.

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Scoliosis is an abnormal lateral curvature (to the side) of the spine. Normally, the spine is supposed so that it is vertical, but when you have scoliosis, the spine has a rounded curvature in the upper back.

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