Above Knee Prosthetics

Above Knee Prosthetics

Above Knee Prosthetics Solutions

There are several types of above-knee prosthetics, each serving a specific function to support individuals in different ways. Liners and Cast/Scans are crucial components used to create custom-fitted sockets, providing comfort and stability while minimizing friction and pressure on the residual limb. Diagnostic Sockets allow for adjustments and modifications before the final socket is fabricated, ensuring an optimal fit and function. The Laminated or Final socket is the end product of the casting process, manufactured to precisely fit the amputee's residual limb, providing the necessary support and comfort for daily activities. Prosthetic knees, on the other hand, are specialized components that mimic the natural knee joint, offering stability, control, and adaptability to different terrains and activities, enabling users to walk, run, and navigate various environments with ease. These diverse components collectively contribute to the comprehensive functionality and usability of above-knee prosthetics, enhancing the overall quality of life for amputees.

Why Choose Comprehensive Prosthetics & Orthotics

Comprehensive Prosthetics & Orthotics (CPO) is among the largest orthotic and prosthetic service providers in the U.S. with a wide network of clinics across Illinois, Iowa, Indiana, and Missouri. Established more than a decade ago, our excellent patient care is the main reason why amputees choose CPO to aid them in their quest to restore their mobility and quality of life. Patients and healthcare professionals prefer CPO because of our unparalleled access to orthotics and prosthetics technologies and our extensive clinical expertise. CPO is a premier provider of prosthetics and orthotic services and related products, utilizing:

  • Exceptional clinical knowledge
  • Sound business skills
  • Cutting-edge laboratory techniques
  • Superior patient outcomes
  • Innovative patient and referrer satisfaction
  • Optimized organizational performance
  • Maximized profitability

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