Hip Dysplasia Orthotics

Hip Dysplasia Orthotics

Hip Dysplasia Treatment

Understanding the diagnosis and treatment process is crucial. Parents should ensure the accuracy of the diagnosis through ultrasounds or X-rays and seek second opinions if needed. Engaging with other parents or patients who have gone through similar experiences can provide valuable support and insights. Hip dysplasia treatment varies based on age, with treatments at each age including:

Newborns and Infants (0-6 months)

In this age group, the primary treatment involves using devices like the Pavlik Harness or fixed abduction braces to hold the hip in place while allowing the socket and ligaments to stabilize. Regular follow-up visits are essential to monitor progress.

Infants (1-6 months)

Similar to newborns, infants may benefit from the Pavlik Harness or fixed abduction braces. The treatment duration typically spans several weeks, with adjustments made as needed during follow-up appointments.

Infants (6-18 months)

Closed reduction and spica cast placement are common treatment methods for infants in this age range. In select cases, alternative treatments like the IHDI Protocol for Papadimitriou Method may be considered.

Children (18 months to 6 years)

Open reduction surgery is often necessary in this age group, involving anterior access to realign the hip joint, repair ligaments, and address bone deformities. Post-surgery, a body cast is worn for 6-8 weeks, with additional procedures like pelvic osteotomy and femoral shortening performed as needed.

Children (6 years and older)

While reduction may not be recommended for older children with completely dislocated hips, partial hip dysplasia can still be treated. Procedures like pelvic osteotomy and femoral shortening can delay arthritis onset and improve joint stability.

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