Cerebral Palsy Orthotics

Cerebral Palsy Orthotics

Cerebral Palsy Orthotics Types & Features

Ankle and Knee Orthotics

For individuals with cerebral palsy, ankle, and knee orthotics play a crucial role in providing stability and support. Our range of orthotic devices includes ankle-foot orthoses (AFOs) and knee-ankle-foot orthoses (KAFOs), designed to improve balance, walking patterns, and overall mobility. Whether you need pediatric-sized AFOs for your child or custom KAFOs for adults, our team will fit orthosis to your individual needs.

Spine and Neck

Proper spinal alignment and neck support are essential for those with cerebral palsy. Our spine and neck orthotics are crafted to address specific needs, including scoliosis management and head control. These orthotic solutions enhance posture, minimize discomfort, and promote a better overall quality of life.

Arm and Wrist

Our arm and wrist orthotics cater to individuals who require support for upper limb control and functionality. These orthotic devices are tailored to each patient's unique requirements, helping with activities of daily living, fine motor skills, and overall arm and wrist stability.

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