Hailey is a 12 year old girl who was diagnosed with Idiopathic Scoliosis (a curve of the spine) recently. As could be expected, she was not thrilled with the proposed course of treatment: wearing a brace! Many people, especially girls and boys who have scoliosis hear horror stories about others who had to wear a device. But Hailey and her Mom Sue quickly learned the horrors were mostly imagined. After seeing Dr. Erik King, they were prescribed a TLSO (back brace) to control the scoliosis. Hailey was referred to Mark Devens, CPO, because of his expertise in Scoliosis bracing.

Mark met with Hailey and her mom, and discussed the type of brace and potential outcomes; they understood the scoliosis would never ‘go away’, but could be stopped from getting worse.

It also helped that Hailey was a bright, cheerful, intelligent and cooperative patient. She had been diagnosed 2 years ago, and knew bracing was her only non operative option. When it came time for bracing Hailey said, “Let’s just get this thing started, because I really have no other choice and I will just have to adapt!” Hailey was fit with a Wilmington-style TLSO, and she quickly saw how cosmetic it was. In fact, most of her friends and classmates couldn’t even tell she was wearing a brace. Most importantly, the results thus far show excellent curve correction, and she is tolerating the brace as well as participating in all of the activities she did before getting the brace. When it was all done, Hailey’s Mom Sue remarked, “Hailey and I like Mark! I know he made Hailey feel so comfortable about getting a brace, which really made this transition much easier than I had expected (and which is no small feat with a 12 year old girl!). He does a wonderful job explaining everything, and has an ability to evoke an ‘I know I can do this’ attitude to his patients.”

Hailey and her Mom understand she will need to follow up closely with the doctor, and she will need a new brace about every year. Chances are good her scoliosis will not progress, though it still can. Mark and the staff at CPO will do all they can to see that it doesn’t!


Thurston is a three year old bundle of joy. Thurston was diagnosed with CP and Hemiplegia and currently suffers from a condition known as foot drop. He is the youngest of three boys. Because of his condition, Thurston was not able to keep up with his older brothers due to his inability to balance himself during normal activity, and suffered from an abnormal gait pattern. His older brother’s (pictured) biggest wish was to have their younger brother come play with them and experience the joys of childhood as much as they were.

Nitin (pictured) and Thurston met a few weeks ago when Thurston was referred to CPO by his physician. Nitin Bhanti is an American Board Certified Orthotist who graduated from Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine Prosthetic and Orthotic Center. After completing his certification in orthotics, Nitin focused on pediatric care working at the Hospital for Sick Children in Washington D.C., and the Johns Hopkins Health System. After meeting Nitin, Thurston was fitted with an ankle foot orthosis to compensate and provide stability and normal gait, initially prevented by his foot drop.

The orthosis that Thurston is currently wearing allows him to be himself, an absolute bundle of excitement. As soon as the orthosis was fitted, Thurston was running around the office like a horse out of the gates! Because of his brace, he can now enjoy the thrills of childhood with his two older brothers. Thurston’s mother (pictured) understands he will need to follow up closely with Nitin, and he will need to be resized as he continues to grow. She was thrilled with the outcome and Thurston older brothers were very emotional stating, “you don’t know what this means to us. He means everything to us “. Nitin and the staff at CPO will do all they can to see Thurston continues to enjoy every minute of his childhood.


In most ways she’s a lot like most 18 month old toddlers; curious, charming, impatient,always learning and trying to do more.

And she succeeds at it too, except in one aspect. Some help was needed for one important activity, and MD LABS® was proud to assist Rayna and her mom, Meredith.

Rayna lost both of her legs above the knee and has been scooting, unable to stand and walk. This has not dimmed her curiosity or tenacity, and she is a whirlwind of activity.

When MD LABS® was consulted, our prosthetic team, headed by Mark Devens, CPO and Rachel Raub, CPO saw not only a challenge but a mission…a mission to get Rayna standing and provide an opportunity to continue her development and walking capabilities and a chance to play with and keep up with other children.

Because there aren’t many options for prosthetic care in patients so young, the MD LABS® team used its 25 years of experience to innovate and produce devices that has started Rayna on the road to independent walking.

It’s not easy. She will need years of prosthetic care, therapy and constant support and encouragement.

The easiest part of all of this is Rayna herself. This little girl can’t be slowed down, and because she is healthy and intelligent and motivated, she should make significant strides in gaining more and more independence.