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Hailey is a 12 year old girl who was diagnosed with Idiopathic Scoliosis (a curve of the spine) recently. As could be expected, she was not thrilled with the proposed course of treatment: wearing a brace! Many people, especially girls and boys who have scoliosis hear horror stories about others who had to wear a …

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Thurston is a three year old bundle of joy. Thurston was diagnosed with CP and Hemiplegia and currently suffers from a condition known as foot drop. He is the youngest of three boys. Because of his condition, Thurston was not able to keep up with his older brothers due to his inability to balance himself …

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In most ways she’s a lot like most 18 month old toddlers; curious, charming, impatient,always learning and trying to do more. And she succeeds at it too, except in one aspect. Some help was needed for one important activity, and MD LABS® was proud to assist Rayna and her mom, Meredith. Rayna lost both of …

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