Pediatric Prosthetics

Pediatric Prosthetics

Prosthetics for children is very different than prosthetics for adults. Although the technology and the principle remain the same, children handle their prosthetics in their own way. Also, in case of children, the parents and the prosthetists are much more involved in the entire process of fitting the child with a prosthetic limb. Here at CPO, we aim to make the children feel as comfortable as we can and get them fitted with a prosthesis that enables them to be a child, and let nothing get in their way.

Pediatric Prostheses

Children tend to need prosthesis either due to a congenital defect that has left them without a limb or necessary amputation due to diseases or an accident. CPO provides support to pediatric patients to cope up with these situations.Typically, a child is eligible for prosthetics when they are able to stand on their own, which tends to happen at 9-12 months of age. If your child has a congenital defect for which a prosthesis is needed, it is advised that you get him/her fitted with one at this age. At this age you can get your child fitted with a passive prosthesis. The prosthesis at an early age enables them to get accustomed to it, and also to identify the prosthesis as a part of themselves as they grow. It also lets them use the prosthesis to their comfort. They can sit, stand, walk and even run around.

Children need special attention and rehabilitation, and hence they need to be checked by the clinician at least once in six months and they need a change of socket every year to accord with their growing bodies till they are eighteen. At CPO, we follow up on our pediatric patients with diligence and also make sure that nothing is amiss when they want to do what they desire. We keep the children’s needs in mind, and hence fit them with only the prosthetics that match the highly active lifestyles of children. We use the components from leading pediatric prosthetic manufacturers so that there is a balance between maximum functionality and minimal weight.We provide Upper Extremity Prosthetics as well as Lower Extremity Prosthetics for children. We also provide specialised prosthetics that help them with sports and other specific activities. We customise the prostheses to fit the child and then help them with rehabilitation as well as psychological counselling to help them deal with the change.

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