Neck and Spinal Orthotics

Neck and Spinal Orthotics

Neck and Spinal Orthoses or braces are used to restrict mobility, provide support or do both in order to heal injuries, reduce pain, provide support during pre-operative and post-operative stages of a spinal problem and to treat spinal disorders or deformities. At CPO, our goal is to fit you with the right Orthotic brace that will relieve your pain and get you to a comfortable state.

Neck and Spinal Orthoses

Cervical Collars (Neck Orthoses)

Cervical Collars help you with mild cervical sprain, strain, whiplash, muscular weakness, post-operative stabilization, stable cervical fractures, degenerative pathologies, arthritis, cervical and high thoracic injuries, low cervical and high thoracic fracture or injury management. Our CPO orthotists can help advice you on and fit you with the right orthosis for your condition.

Spinal Orthoses

Spinal orthoses or braces are prescribed for Low back pain, lumbar stenosis, post-operative stabilization, lumbar strains/sprains and disc herniations. You could choose from a chairback orthosis or an elastic lumbosacral binder. Our CPO orthotist will explain to you the functions and features of each of the braces and advice you on what you should be using. We custom fit you with a spinal brace that helps you most.

TLSO/LSO Orthoses

TLSO (Thoraco-Lumbo-Sacral Orthosis)/LSO(Lumbo-Sacral Orthosis) orthoses are custom made for you if you are suffering from thoracic and lumbar fracture management, post-operative stabilization, spinal stenosis and degenerative pathologies. Generally a Custom TLSO Body Jacket is used to alleviate the conditions. At CPO, we provide only the best care for you, and our orthotists help you make the best choice to relieve your pain.

Jewett and Cash Braces

These braces are used for thoracic and lumbar compression fractures, post-operative stabilization and osteoporosis. A Custom made CASH—(Cruciform Anterior Spinal Hyper-Extension) Orthosis is the best option for these conditions and CPO provides you with it. Our orthotist evaluates your condition and then provides you with the best option


Corsets are prescribed to you when you have thoracic and lumbar chronic back pain, osteoarthritis or Sacroiliac dysfunction. CPO provides you with custom made Thoracolumbar Corset/Support and SI (Sacroiliac) Orthosis for these conditions. Our orthotists make your pain and discomfort the first priority and help you keep it in check.

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