Lower Extremity Orthotics

Lower Extremity Orthotics

Lower Extremity Orthotics are external devices that are attached or applied to a lower limb to improve function by providing support, controlling motion, reducing pain, correcting deformities and preventing progression of deformities. At CPO, our goal is to design, fabricate and fit the lower  extremity orthosis based on your individual needs – either custom or pre-fabricated. Our devices would help you restore functionality to your legs. Our expert team helps you get back to activities that your ailments or injuries were holding you back from.

Custom Lower Extremity Orthotics

Ankle Foot Orthoses (AFOs)

The AFO is used to treat various neuromuscular (nerve and muscle) diseases and disorders and to also provide functionality after an injury or a surgery. AFOs aim is to eliminate the problems related to foot-to-ground placement that affect foot clearance and heel contact. It is also prescribed to restore stability to the foot during the swing and stance phases of walking, and to compensate for thigh muscle weakness so that the knee does not buckle due to weakness. Our CPO orthotists evaluate your condition and then fit you with the appropriate ankle foot orthosis. Depending on your condition, you could be fitted with a Static AFO, Dynamic AFO, Foot Drop Splint, Hinged Ankle AFO, Flexible AFO, Tubular AFO, Gauntlet AFO or Fixed AFO. CPO provides you with customised and fabricated AFOs that suit your particular and specific needs.

Knee Ankle Foot Orthoses (KAFOs)

KAFO are used for diseases and disorders like Muscular imbalance and/or weakness, knee instability, genu recurvatuum, genu valgum/ varum, spinal cord injury, MS (Multiple Sclerosis), spina bifida, cerebral palsy, Guillain Bane Syndrome, trauma, total knee replacement among others. CPO provides you with pre made as well as custom fabricated KAFOs that would assist you while walking and lessen your discomfort. There are different kinds of KAFOs that you could choose from according to material and build, and also one that is suitable for your condition.

Foot Orthoses

A foot orthosis would be prescribed to you if you have had recent injuries, or fractures or partial amputation. It also helps with post operative management and to prevent, correct or accommodate foot deformities. CPO provides you with the options of custom shoes and fracture boots and a variety of shoe liners that will help you restore function to your foot. Our orthotist will guide you during the process and will only fit you with the best orthosis for your condition.

Knee Orthoses

Knee orthoses is the best option for you if you are facing knee instability, joint contracture and/or tightness, moderate to severe ACL (anterior cruciate ligament), MCL (medial collateral ligament), and LCL (lateral collateral ligament) instabilities, unicompartmental knee osteoarthritis, ligament instability, post operative knee stability and various other knee related disorders and deformities. Our CPO expert will guide you and custom fit you with an orthosis according to your needs that would help lessen your pain enable you to be active again.

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