Hyperpronation or painful flatfoot is a condition wherein excessive motion of the rear of the foot causes the appearance of a collapsed arch. This leads to a foot deformity and knee, hip, and back problems. Most develop lower extremity symptoms by middle age, or even earlier depending on the degree of deformity. A child with a flatfoot may get “growing pains” which are caused by abnormal activity of the leg muscles required to propel the foot during normal ambulation.

Symptoms of Hyperpronation:
• Growing pains
• Flattened arch
• Out-toe walking
• Tip-Toe walking
• Bunions and hammertoes
• Abnormal shoe wear patterns
• Poor posture
• Knee, hip, back, neck problems
• Slow runner
• Neuromas and ingrown toenails
• Painful heels or arches
• Ankle pain
• Leg pains
• Knee, hip, pelvis, back and neck pain


Arch support
Arch supports have been very successful in preventing the abnormal motion, but they do not solve the underlying cause of the deformity. The other disadvantage of arch supports is that they will limit the shoes one can wear. Additionally, when you are not wearing the supports, the deformity will not be corrected nor will you get any relief from the pain.
Subtalar arthroeresis
Subtalar arthroeresisis a very viable treatment method for the permanent correction of hyperpronation (above the age of three years). The procedure involves placing a small titanium implant which acts as an “internal orthotic” to prevent the abnormal collapse between the two bones.
Other orthoses
Orthoses such as Functional Foot Orthosis, Supramalleolar Orthosis (SMO) and Dynamic Ankle Foot Orthosis can be used to manage hyperpronation.

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