CPO hosts Amputee Support Group Organized By Jerry Tibbs

Jerry Tibbs, an amputee himself and his wife Linda started a very useful support group for amputees in Peoria, Illinois. The support group will meet to discuss common issues facing the group. CPO assists this group by permitting them to use its facilities for their meetings.

Tibbs feels there is a strong need for amputees like him to meet and talk about what they know and how to face common problems. The group decided that they would meet at the CPO building at 6:00 pm every second Friday of the month. The group is hoping to bring in nurses and therapists to talk at their sessions. Tibbs is a new amputee and thinks that being part of such groups will make things better for him. Another member of the group who is also a new amputee, Bailey lost his legs in a recent accident and walks around on two metal caps affixed to his knee. Only having met once, the group already share a strong sense of bonding and camaraderie ensuring the success of this group’s activities. The support group is a mix of veteran amputees and new amputees. Tibbs said, “These people here can give me a lot of confidence. They are going to help me and others a lot.”

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