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Compression therapy is a must for post operative patients. Healing of the scar tissue and edemas are necessary for pain relief and prosthetic treatment. CPO aims to provide you with utmost care and attention so that you recover in record time. We seek comfort in your comfort.

Compression therapy is designed to increase circulation to reduce edema, help heal ulcers and decrease the symptoms of venous insufficiency. Compression garments are also worn to help maintain swelling associated with lymphedema. There are several different styles of compression garments which is why it is important to be fit by a certified fitter to ensure proper garments are provided based on your individual needs. CPO offers custom fit and custom made compression garments both for day and night time use. At CPO, we evaluate your condition and provide you with the proper compression garments that can best help you.

Lymphedema: An abnormal accumulation of lymphatic fluid in the tissues, causing swelling of a limb. Lymphedema occurs if lymphatic vessels are blocked, damaged or removed, resulting in disruption of the normal drainage of lymph.

About Compression Therapy

compression therapy

Compression therapy is a necessary procedure that takes place immediately after amputation. It is the process of reducing the swelling in the residual limb, so that scar tissue heals faster and fitting prostheses is easier. The process includes applying pressure over a large portion of the residual limb with the aid of elastic bandages, compression garments and other aids.

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Swelling in the residual limb is very common, and it generally stays that way for about a week. If the swelling is not taken care of, it takes longer for the surgical scar to heal, and so it would delay the prosthetic fitting. We take care of these problems for you. We provide customised compression aids that help by reducing swelling helping heal the scar tissue, and moulding the residual limb properly so that fitting a prosthetic would be easy. Compression therapy also reduces post operative pain and helps with blood circulation in the residual limb.

The kind of compression aid used to help with the swelling depends on the kind of amputation and surgery that has taken place. CPO evaluates your condition and only then fits you with the right compression aid, so that you have a painless and fast recovery.

Compression Therapy Options

About Compression Therapy

Upper Extremity Compression

-Arm Sleeves

- Gloves


Lower Extremity Compression

-Below Knee

- Thigh High

-Panty Hose


Night Compression

-Foam Chipped compression garments

- Used to maintain Lymphedema

Compression Wraps

-Easy Donning

- Adjustable compression levels

-Can be worn both day and night

Donning Devices

-Rubber Mats

- Gloves

-Vinyl Devices

-Metal Donners

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