Sylvia had come to us after she lost her left leg in a motorcycle accident. She was seen by Don, our expert prosthetist, who is also a co-owner of CPO. Don is a Board Certified and Licensed Prosthetist and Orthotist, and specializes in both pediatric and adult upper and lower extremity prosthetics. Don took care of Sylvia and fitted her with a prosthetic leg that would help with her specific needs. She says that Don knew exactly what to give her, as he had been there himself. She is extremely happy with her leg and CPO, and says she couldn’t have asked for better people.


Jennifer is attractive active, athletic and alive; no easy achievement after a traumatic motor vehicle accident resulted in the amputation of her leg below the knee. Jennifer went through painful skin grafts and rehabilitation over many months. Finally, she was ready physically for prosthetic care, but her emotional state was fragile. Doctors referred her to us for treatment.

We took the time to provide Jennifer with more than a device, we provided her with compassionate support, advocacy and follow-up to ensure she achieved her full potential. Jennifer went through a series of fittings and follow up to try various components to optimize her function and activity level, as well as something very important to her: her cosmesis.

Jennifer wanted a foot that would allow her to wear various heel heights and a covering that allowed her to wear skirts and shorts without drawing too much attention to her prosthesis.


Andre works hard all day. He has a family and a job that requires him to move quickly, at a level many ‘able-bodied’ people would have a hard time keeping up with.

Andre is also an above-knee amputee.

When Andre needed prosthetic care, his physicians wanted him to receive a device and treatment that would bring him back to his full capabilities quickly – he was sent to us.

Our prosthe­tist fit Andre with the latest advances in socket design and componentry, utilizing a micro-processor knee unit that calculates his walking needs thousands of times a second.

This computer-controlled knee, along with a comfortable secure socket, allowed Andre to move, sit, stand, climb and descend stairs without hesitation.

His full-time job requires him to perform, and he is often met with a surprised look when people find out he is an above-knee amputee – usually after he tells them!

Karson Milsteadt

Karson Milsteadt is a typical teenager who plays basketball, runs track, and pitches for his high school baseball team. What you wouldn’t know from just watching this young man that he has a prosthetic leg.

Born with a condition that resulted from constricted blood flow to portions of the fetus, Karson’s right leg was amputated below the knee before he was a year old. For most of his life, the family relied on prostheses from Shriners Hospital. But Karson’s growing love of sports required a sports prosthesis to keep up with his active lifestyle.

Karson’s baseball coach, Matt Plummer, was instrumental in contacting CPO, who helped design a custom-made sports prostheses. In addition to being more comfortable, the new prosthesis allows him to run with less effort, pivot, and absorb the force of his body when he steps off the pitcher’s mound. His mom, Aimee, says, “I think his activity level has probably doubled.”

“What sets CPO apart are the little things,” says Aimee. “Since Don is an amputee himself, he knows. He’s been there.” Coach Plummer is a fan of Don’s as well. “Everything that I’ve seen him do and every word that comes out of his mouth has been just been sheer generosity. I just can’t thank him enough for what he’s done for Karson.”


During a limb-sparing surgery, Austin had complications which ultimately let to his right leg amputated just above the knee. Austin and his family’s lives were suddenly changed and faced a new set of challenges they were not prepared to handle.
Austin and his family, soon met Robin McRae at CPO. With her degree in Exercise Science and Sports Management, Robin was especially well-suited to support athletes, children and other individuals who has experienced limb loss. From the age of 12, Austin has been seeing Robin at the Bloomington office where he was first fit with a prosthetic leg which allows him to participate in all kinds of activities. Austin is very active and does everything from riding a bike to rollerblading. His favorite activity in his Physical Education class is ultimate Frisbee.
Robin has assisted Austin in receiving a hydraulic leg, which allows more flexibility and additional activities Austin can participate in. “Our prosthetist, Robin, has been there every step of the way to make sure Austin gets the best leg of his body. I do not know what our family would do without Comprehensive Prosthetics & Orthotics. Everyone in that office is so nice and flexible to help meet our family’s needs.”