artificial limbs
20 Jun

Nancy suffers from drop foot, and had polio as a child. Growing up, she wore a brace below the knee. As she got older, she used a cane. When she fell and broke her hip, she never thought she’d walk again.

Over the years, she wore a number of devices, which never seemed to be quite right. While wearing her last one, she felt so off balance that she fell. “I was frustrated and crying…it just didn’t work.”

The CPO team’s first device was a very high-tech design from a manufacturer in California. “It didn’t fit right,” said Nancy. So they tried again, designing a custom Knee Ankle Foot Orthosis for her. “This is a completely different design. It supports my foot differently and uses a different set of materials.”

Nancy notes that the stockinette that was recommended she start wearing under the brace keeps it from rubbing as well as wicks away perspiration. “It’s the little things like that,” she says. “No one was willing to spend the time with me that these folks have.”