artificial limbs
20 Jun
David Parker

David Parker wears a prosthetic below the knee on his left leg, and an Ankle Foot Orthosis (AFO) on his right leg.

According to David, before coming to CPO, he wore an orthosis on the left leg that had been altered for a better fit, causing it to rub against his skin. Since David suffers from diabetes, he didn’t feel that a sore was developing. In the end, it became necessary for his leg to be amputated just below the knee. That’s when he turned to CPO.

Because of complications from his arthritis, David has bone rubbing against bone in his right foot. CPO fitted him with the current orthosis that he has worn for about a year now. “I wear it all the time, unless I’m in bed,” he explains. “It reduces the pain.”

The orthosis requires that David wear special shoes. “I get my shoes right here at CPO,” he says. “They last longer and are much better. Buying them from other places…they just fall apart.”

David describes the staff at CPO as fabulous. “They care. They’ll come in anytime…after 5:00, on weekends…they’re wonderful.”