artificial limbs
20 Jun

Andre works hard all day. He has a family and a job that requires him to move quickly, at a level many ‘able-bodied’ people would have a hard time keeping up with.

Andre is also an above-knee amputee.

When Andre needed prosthetic care, his physicians wanted him to receive a device and treatment that would bring him back to his full capabilities quickly – he was sent to us.

Our prosthe­tist fit Andre with the latest advances in socket design and componentry, utilizing a micro-processor knee unit that calculates his walking needs thousands of times a second.

This computer-controlled knee, along with a comfortable secure socket, allowed Andre to move, sit, stand, climb and descend stairs without hesitation.

His full-time job requires him to perform, and he is often met with a surprised look when people find out he is an above-knee amputee – usually after he tells them!